Map and monitor the world with the next generation drones

Use our heavy duty and reliable VTOL to carry and control the most demanding sensors

Modular payload

Attach instrumentation for remote sensing using our standarized interface

3h of flight time

Cover long distances while being able to maintain a flight speed as low as 10m/s

3Kg of payload

Carry all the instrumentation required to obtain overlapped sensing data

User friendly

Vertical take off + autonomous flight reduces human errors to the minimum


Plug a digital camera module to obtain high resolution information from the terrain. Create digital elevation models of large areas with a unique flight

Agriculture monitoring

Use a digital, thermal or hyperspectral camera to control the status of the crops: soil moisture, temperature, diseases or growth stage

Infrastructure inspection

Monitor and reduce the maintainance costs of infrastructure deployed over large areas: electrical grids, oleoducts or heating systems

See it in action

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Head of UAS Mechanics and Production Systems


Head of Payload Development and Data Adquisition Systems


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